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Details About Bella

Sex: /Intact
Age: 3
Coat Color: Black & White
Eyes: Blue

Hello everyone, I'm Bella. Up until a few months ago, life was pretty great. Then I lost someone very dear to me. My family is trying to keep us all together, but it's not working out very well. I am 3 1/2 years old and intact. Patriot can help you out with the cost of spaying me.  I'm a healthy girl, with all my vet visits and meds up to date.  You could say I'm partially housebroken. I sometimes have to use the pads my person leaves for me when I am home alone.  But I will let you know when I have to go if you are home!  I bark to signal.  Pretty clever!
Sometimes I get a little anxious if you leave me alone.   

 I'd love to bond with my new owner with training and fun adventures.  I am also fond of kids!  But not cats.  I would love some structure and lots of praise when I learn something new! Reassurance and confidence-building will go a long way with me. I'm smart and at a great age for more training. I am not perfect, but I'd love to have someone work with me on my "stuff"!  If you like Husky snuggles and feeling loved, (who doesn't) we are off to a good start! I can be your girl. Just go to www.pshr.org and fill out an adoption application.  Let's go!!!


Bella is currently located in Leicester MA

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