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PSHR is a volunteer organization dedicated to finding permanent, loving homes for Siberian Huskies in need in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.


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Hi, my name is Zuko.  I am 4 years old and I have something called epilepsy.  If you have not heard of it, it means that I can have uncontrolled body movements called seizures at random times.  But I am working hard with my vet to find the best mediation to help me life a long and...

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Our teen dogs!!!

Hey adopters, would be adopters and others! Recently Alexandra Horowitz wrote a fun book titled "The Year of the Puppy:How Dogs Become Themselves". She also wrote the wonderful essay linked to here, focused on the teen years. It's a light piece, but includes information, wisdom and humor about dogs and dog owners. It made me see some challenges in a new light and gave me so much more hope for dogs and appreciation for adopters. Please read and enjoy!

Happy Tails

We are getting along beautifully, and he is a very good boy, but still very youthful. Reinforcement training session are underway. We are having a blast in New Hampshire and Vermont. We are getting settled, but working through anxiety issue when I leave. Also trying to find a better food that will take a little trial and error as he...

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Please help us help Siberians with PSHR fundraising! All proceeds from our efforts are to benefit dogs in our rescue. Some of these programs don't cost you anything and are also fun & easy to use! Check them out!