About PSHR

Patriot Siberian Husky Rescue (PSHR) is a group of volunteers in Northern New England whose goal is to find permanent, loving homes for Siberian Huskies in need.

This goal is achieved by matching them with screened and approved adopters.

We do our utmost to make the best match for both the Siberian and the adopter. We carefully screen prospective adopters and surrendering owners by using questionnaires and interviews.

On rare occasions, we may have a need to find a foster home for a dog in dire need.

About Our Dogs

We accommodate dogs from Massachusetts and New Hampshire. We offer assistance and cross posting for RI, CT, VT and ME.  For help in other states please go to Siberian Husky Rescue Sites to find an organization in your area.

The Siberians in our program range in ages. Dogs come into our program in many different ways. They may come to us by owners who for various reasons, are unable to keep their Siberian, shelters, and Animal Control. We work hard in sympathizing with owners who with a change in life circumstances, can no longer keep their Siberian.

All dogs must meet the criteria of being a purebred Siberian Husky, however oftentimes AKC papers are not available. Mixed breed dogs may be referred.  Please contact us directly as we may be able to cross post in assistance.  Siberian Huskies with known aggressive tendencies and bite history are NOT accepted into our rehome program.

With love, attention, and understanding these Siberians will bond with their new owners and make wonderful companions!

Two Husky Dogs