Adoption Process & Application

The Adoption Process

Rehome Program

The majority of our rescue work is done through rehome/referral matching.

Those who participate in this program do so with the understanding that we are unable to investigate either party. Once we send information about dogs to potential adopters it is up to the adopter to contact the current owners, who will then interview you.

There is no fee for any dog in the rehome program, and all arrangements for transfer of ownership are between the current and new owners.

Rescue Program

In rare emergency cases, we may have a foster.  The adoption fee for these dogs, which goes towards expenses such as spay/neuter costs, food, shots & advertising, is $250. A home visit and vet check will be required prior to completing the adoption process.

How to Adopt

If you are interested in adopting you must fill out an ONLINE adoption application. Once the form is received a Rescue Coordinator will review and arrange to conduct a telephone interview.

We charge a $25 non-refundable fee to process your adoption application.

Adoption Application

All potential adopters should frequently check our list of available dogs and read their descriptions on our Available Page before requesting an application. If there is a specific dog you are interested in, please make note of it on your application.

Please be advised that we have many adopters on file seeking Siberian Huskies that are safe to live with cats and/or small animals such as rabbits or ferrets. We require a cat/small animal waiver be submitted if you have them in your home and/or on property.

If you are requesting an Adoption Application as a result of a Siberian Husky you saw on our Available page that is listed as "good with cats," please consider the following items before requesting an Adoption Application:

  • It is likely that we already have several applicants on file waiting for this type of Siberian Husky. If you choose to submit an application for the dog, be advised that all pending applications on file will be considered first.
  • Typically, Siberian Huskies that are raised/live with cats do not consider them prey because they regard that cat as part of their family or "pack." If you choose to submit an application for the dog, be advised that "good with cats" or "ok with cats" is NO guarantee that the dog will not prey on a cat or small animal when introduced to a new home.  This is a risk that adopters must be aware of.

If you have never owned a Siberian Husky, we strongly recommend that you read as much as possible about the Siberian Husky breed before requesting an Adoption Application. Adopters should read the information on our website in our About Siberians Section and additional resources at: In particular, you should read Thinking of Adopting a Siberian Husky?.

We reserve the right to refuse potential adopters that do not demonstrate adequate knowledge of the Siberian Husky breed.

The information that you provide in the online application will help us match you with an appropriate Siberian in our program. This information will not be used in any other way, nor will it be sold or given to any 3rd party. Please note that we will continue to assist you in finding a dog until you notify us that our services are no longer needed.

Before submitting your application please consider the following…

  1. Do you have a good environment for a Siberian?
  2. Is your yard/kennel secure?
  3. How many hours are you away from home?
  4. Are you prepared to hire a behavioral trainer and/or work through issues while acclimating a Siberian to a new environment?
  5. What is your experience with the breed and/or other dogs?
  6. Is your name on the property or rental agreement in which you reside?
    *If you rent or have an association agreement, we require written consent from said parties that a Siberian husky breed is allowed on premise and that all parties are aware that they are on the insurance dangerous dog list. No interview will be granted without this documentation.
  7. The application fee is nonrefundable even if your application is denied. This fee is used to pay our web server, security and webmaster. The fee does not guarantee application approval, placement of a Siberian or any such information.

You will pay this via PayPal at the completion of the online application form.  

Patriot Siberian Husky Rescue is a nonprofit organization; any donations will be put to good use. If you wish to make a contribution please visit the donate section of this website. Even a small donation of $5 or $10 will help defray the costs of keeping our program running!

You must agree to the above statement before proceeding.

FOR ANY TECHNICAL ISSUES please email [email protected]