Giving Up Your Siberian

Fill out the following online form to apply to place a dog in our rehome program. All of the information you give us will then be used to help match your dog with an appropriate adopter. Starred (*) fields are required.

The following are requirements for all dogs accepted into our program. If your dog does not meet these qualifications please contact us for further help.

  1. AKC papers are not required, but the dog must be a purebred Siberian husky.
  2. You must be the owner or guardian of the dog and at least 18 years old to use this online submission form.
  3. You must not ask any monetary value/fee for the dog.
  4. The dog cannot have bitten a human being before or have any serious aggressive tendencies.

Please note that there is a minimum non-refundable $15 fee required for all dogs accepted into the rehome program. After submitting the following form a rescue volunteer will contact you within a few days.

All forms must be completed online via our website.  Applications not submitted through our website will not be accepted.  Any questions or issues, please contact [email protected].

Patriot Siberian Husky Rescue does not have a facility where dogs can be surrendered. If immediate surrender is needed, you should contact your local Animal Control Officer or shelter. Any listed Siberian may not be listed anywhere else such as Craigslist, Facebook, or Instagram. Patriot volunteers do not inspect adopter's homes but surrendering owners may choose to do so. Surrendering owners are expected to meet on neutral ground with prospective adopters such as a park, walking trail etc. You are encouraged to wait at least 24 hours after meeting an adopter before surrendering. Surrendering owners are to supply adopter with vet records, monthly preventatives, any special needs of the dog, microchip information, transfer of ownership paperwork to be coordinated between both parties. Dogs will not be posted until the $15.00 fee is paid and pictures are provided.

You will be able to comeback to this form on the same computer and browser and the info you have filled in will be automatically entered again for you.

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