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Details About Jack

Sex: /Intact
Age: 6
Coat Color: Sable
Eyes: Blue

Would you look at that sweet face?  Jack is a love affair waiting to happen.  Will he grace your home with his deep sable and grey coat?  Will his blue eyes scan the trail on your walks?  Will his adorable paws walk in step with you?  Will his soul be your match, your true north?  Be brave, find out!  Jack has a lot to give, and is looking for someone with a true heart to give to.

Jack was originally in a home where he was a pet. Three years ago, his current family adopted him and added him to their team of Huskies. At 6 1/2, he's way too young to retire, but he doesn't have the makings of a true long distance racing dog.  He's good in harness and gets along well with dogs of his size. He's up to date on meds and vaccinations and will need to be neutered as he's intact. He's currently an outdoor dog, but was housebroken in his original home. Although not aggressive with larger dogs, he shouldn't be in a home with cats or other small animals. He may be too strong for young children, but is fine with older kids. Although Jack has been a sled dog, he doesn't need the challenges of racing. What he does need is an active, experienced Husky home that will give him lots of attention and exercise.

****** Patriot will provide $100.00 toward the cost of  spay or neuter for intact dogs. Payment will go to the veterinarian of your choice and does not apply to cross posted dogs. 

Jack is currently located in Stratford NH

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