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Details About Phillie

Sex: Spayed Female
Age: 8
Coat Color: Gray & White
Eyes: Bi-eyed

Phillie is a mature girl of 8. She has been with the same family since she was a baby. Life's unpredictability has made it necessary for her to explore a new home. She's spayed, housebroken and up to date on all vet visits and meds. Pictures don't lie.....this girl is food motivated......(she prefers "fluffy"). Due to her "fluffiness", she should not be in a home with small kids. She likes them, but is a little too large and playful to be around them. When she's alone, she will get into toys if given the chance. But, her toys are just that. Hers. She's not aggressively protective, but more possessive. She has slowed down a bit since she was a pup, but is still energetic and loves to meet new people. Although exposed to cats, she has the normal husky prey drive, so a cat-free home is desired. She likes other dogs and is somewhat passive around them. Some people allow their huskies off-leash, but this girl should not be. Her owner describes her as not having street smarts. Combined with her prey drive, this probably wouldn't end well. Among her favorite things in life are getting lots of attention, being with her humans, digging and, yes, treats. So.....mischievous, a runner, a chewer, a digger, prey drive intact and loves attention and treats. Does this sound like a breed you're familiar with? Inquire about Phillie by filling out an application to adopt this pretty girl at www.pshr.org

Phillie is currently located in W. Townsend MA

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