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Details About Halo

Sex: Male/Neutered
Age: 2
Coat Color: White
Eyes: Bi-eyed

I'm Halo, and I'm an angel!!  My human says I'm a GEM, and I have to admit, I am handsome, sweet, diciplined and caring.  Aren't those the what you'd consider to be a GEM?  I live with Reya, my sister and have helped to train her.  I love swimming, car rides, and chewing my antler.  I'm great off leash and even though my yard isn't fenced in, I always stay close.  I love to be go out and I'm well behaved in stores.  I always go to Home Depot and I even visit the local pizza place, where they all love me.  I'd really like to stay with Reya, because we snuggle together and have grown very close.  If you're looking for a set of jewels, then look no further and come meet us.

Halo is currently located in Smithfield RI

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