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Leon is 2 year old, Labrador x husky mix, 45lbs

Meet beauty and brains in a pint-sized package! Leon traveled all the way from Russia and has made us laugh every day since being here. He’s energetic, playful, and packs a big voice in a little body. Leon would love to sniff the flowers or go on a run with you, but his talents don’t end there! He likes to swim, sing, learn new tricks, and enjoys doing agility here. He loves going on walks and does best when he has a job to do (even if that “job” is a walk!).

We don’t know what his life looked like in Russia, but we do know that he picked up the habit of jumping fences (including a 5 foot one at Yankee- impressive!) and being vigilant of his surroundings. This means if there’s a person, dog, or squirrel in your yard, you’re going to hear about it! For these reasons, we think Leon would thrive in a rural location with either no fence or a commitment to keeping him on leash even in the fenced in yard. He’s worked hard on his doggy and house manners, and he’s so excited to keep learning with you! Leon would be best in a home that is familiar with high energy, intelligent breeds.

Fence: Escape-proof fences only
Kids: Older teens
Cats: Unknown but not recommended
Dogs: Maybe in an experienced home, pending intro


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