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Details About Kaira

Sex: /Intact
Age: 1
Coat Color: Black & White
Eyes: Blue

Kaira is a real diamond in the rough. Her first year in life has been shared with a loving, active family. Giving up this girl is hard for them, but they can no longer provide her with what she needs. She's a 1 yr. old intact female that will have to be spayed and immunized. Her potty habits may need fine tuning as she's mainly an outdoor girl. Her life centers around her kids and their 3 cats. She adores them all. Her mom laughs at how patient and tolerant Kaira is with the kids' enthusiastic displays of affection. She likes to lay on top of the cats, but this may not appeal to every feline! Due to her pent up energy, the kids' toys have become her victims. Exercise for this little girl is highly recommended! She has limited exposure to other dogs, but the right approach will probably result in a happy meeting. If you're looking for a sweet girl and have love and patience to spare, she's got the goods to evolve into a very good dog! 

****** Patriot will provide $100.00 toward the cost of  spay or neuter for intact dogs. Payment will go to the veterinarian of your choice and does not apply to cross posted dogs.

Kaira is currently located in Waterbury CT

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