Volunteer Opportunities

For those of you who have contemplated being a volunteer, the two basic requirements to be a good volunteer is a spirit of adventure and a little time. You don't have to posses any special talent, just love Siberian Huskies, have a little common sense and be willing to take a chance on doing something new.

Our most urgent need is usually for folks to answer our call-in line, return the calls and as part of that, manage the match ups for dogs needing homes and applicants applying to adopt.

If you are wondering if this is something you would enjoy doing, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

Do you enjoy speaking to people and interacting with them?
Do you have between a 1/2 and 1 hour a day, Monday through Friday, for two months to volunteer?
Do you have use of a computer and the internet?
Would you like to experience a great feeling of satisfaction when you have facilitated finding a new home for a dog that desperately needs one?

If you are like most Siberian lovers, you would probably want to adopt all of the ones in need. But we know that is just not practical. So when you can directly help one, you get a great feeling of satisfaction. As the individual matches are made, a wonderful sense of accomplishment is reward in itself. Not to mention the fantastic group of folks that Patriot has to work with.

If you would like more information, please e-mail us or leave a message on our phone line. We will call you back to discuss it.

Volunteers are always needed to:

•  Man phone lines
•  Process paperwork
•  Provide transportation for dogs
•  Help with interviews and home visits

Foster homes, provided by people who know and understand the breed, are also needed as well. To volunteer or apply to become a foster home, please contact us.