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Titan(Pending meetup)

Sex: Male/NeuteredAge: 2Coat Color: Black & WhiteEyes: Blue

My name is Titan and I'm a 2 year old Male Siberian Husky. I love to be outdoors and love to walk and hike with whoever will spend time with me. My first owner was not very nice to me,and used to hit me often to the point where I would have to run and hide, or try to defend myself. Another friend noticed this was happening and offered to take me in as a new owner. Unfortunately this is only temporary as she is in temporary living quarters and has a full time job that keeps her very busy. She knows I need a better home where I can have a yard, and spend more time with my owner. I am smart, and quick to learn new things. My owner says "go to kennel" at dinner time, and I go into my crate where I like my quiet time and food. But, when she leaves I get very anxious and nervous in my crate and I want so badly to get out. I miss her terribly when she's gone, though I know I need to work on that. I need a patient owner willing to continue training me on new things, one who will not be mad at me and lash out when I don't understand what's wrong or when I act like a normal young Siberian Husky. I'm willing to learn but I need a steady, trusting hand, and time, and a home where I am the only dog for now.

Titan(Pending meetup) is currently located in Union CT.

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