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Details About Beau

Sex: Male/Neutered
Age: 2
Coat Color: Gray & White
Eyes: Blue

DEAR HUMAN, I looked up my name in the dictionary. Beau is French for beautiful. Okay, I am not French and I can't read, but I AM the male version of beautiful. I'm also only a wee bit over 2 yrs. old. So, yes, young AND beautiful. Please, in all modesty, don't let these looks fool you. I can be a little complicated. I'm still trying to find out what happened to my....they called it neutered. My life has been a bit chaotic and I'm really sensitive to all the stimulation I get. That's why my family thinks I need a quieter home. I have 3 little human siblings that I love with all my heart, but sometimes their friends come on a little strong. I can't always walk away and they don't understand my need for a little space. Now that the virus is winding down, my life will change again. My adults are headed back to work and my kids will go back to school. I behave while they're gone and I don't do my business in the house, but I'd like some company during the day. Because I am young, I can be a little rough around the edges. The folks at Patriot think that I could really get a lot from training. Could we go to dog school? I'd love to live with a mature, active couple or a single person. If you have Husky experience, we could really rock this adoption thing! Kids over 12 could be okay, but no more young kids running around. They SO don't get me. If you already have a dog, I'd like to meet him /her because I don't just LOVE someone because they're a dog! I love to dream of an enclosed yard where I could run, excavate and chase the occasional butterfly. Hey, I guess I'm not all that complicated. With consistent structure, kindness, and patience, I know that I'll flourish. Wouldn't we all? LOVE, BEAU

Beau is currently located in Amherst NH

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