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Details About Riker

Sex: /Intact
Age: 5
Coat Color: Black & White
Eyes: Blue
Introducing Riker. In the world of Huskies, he is an all-in kind of guy. He found his owner, Nate, when he was a stray over 2 years ago. After multiple attempts to locate his original owner(s) Nate took him under his wing. He’s a dog trainer and saw a sweet, but almost feral, soul that needed love, discipline and kindness. He used his skills as a trainer to understand Riker and raise him to be a social, well-adjusted Husky. Riker is forward and very much a Husky in his approach to life (isn’t that one thing we love about them?) That might be great for other Huskies, but not Nate’s 2 other dogs. Riker was the newest addition and incompatible with the other 2 breeds, so Nate made the tough decision to find Riker a Husky home. He is 5-7 years old, intact, housebroken and has professional training. He’s up to date on immunizations and preventative meds and has no known health problems. He is dominant and has a limited sense of boundaries with other dogs. Nate says he’s like having “a riding lawn mower without brakes”. So, in a nutshell, the following are not suggestions, they are requirements: • Experienced Husky Home • Active adults, no children, no cats • Owner, handler MUST assume leadership role • Slow introduction to other like-breed dogs • Neuter upon final adoption (Patriot preference) • Understanding and addressing high prey/food drive • Bikejoring/skijoring a plus, he doesn’t like being unemployed Nate is happy to work with the new owner regarding behavioral tips to help transition Riker to a new home.

Riker is currently located in Middletown RI

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