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Details About Cinnamon

Sex: /Intact
Age: 0
Coat Color: Gray & White
Eyes: Blue

“A dreamer of pictures…I run in the night…You see us together…Chasing the moonlight…My Cinnamon Girl”…That’s me!  I am CG!  I am a 7-month-old girl who has had a rough start with my Juvenile Auto Immune Disease.  This is also known as “Puppy Strangles” and has been tough.  The vets say that I am growing out of it, but I still need to be on steroids (and eventually slowly taken off of them) so I need someone who can be around me more than my people can.  Unfortunately, the steroids have pushed back my house manners because I don’t always know when I have to go outside.  I need someone with husky experience and patience.  I am young and have my whole life ahead of me, but I just have to go round this corner.  Me and my people hope there is someone who can fit me into their life.

Cinnamon is currently located in Brunswick ME

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