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Details About Rex

Sex: Male/Neutered
Age: 3
Coat Color: White
Eyes: Blue

My current owner says I am a dream dog.  She says I am kind, gentle, loving, and very smart.    I love to swim at the pier at my current home. I love the school pick-up and drop-off line because I get to see the kids. I do enjoy the outdoors, so walks and hikes are a good time. I currently live with 3 cats and I don't mind them, I get super excited when I see them, but I don't try to hurt them. The adults in my house now are usually home with me during the week, and so far I have only been left alone for 3 hours at a time.  I really don't care for a crate, but I am a good boy.   I would love to be part of your family and take part in social activities like going into town!  How about a parade for the holidays?  I am in!  I also travel well.  Sadly my owner is extremely allergic to my new winter coat.  Please help us! 

Rex is currently located in Blue Hill ME

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