Why Old Dogs are the Best

Why Old Dogs are the Best

Storm and Sky were on the Patriot Siberian Husky Rescue website for almost a year. They were nine year old siblings and the owners wanted them to be adopted together. I'm sure that most people thought "I don't want two dogs" or "I don't want old dogs". But they were perfect.

I have had puppies, and have watched them grow up, grow old and pass. While I love puppies, I was not ready for the chaos that comes with little puppies again; the destroyed shoes, the shredded curtains, the shredded carpets… I wanted dogs that were calm, settled and knew the rules. And, as I am older now, I cannot realistically make a 10 to 15 year commitment. But I could make a five year commitment. So I adopted Storm and Sky when they were nine years old.

My first surprise was that they were not calm at all!

Nine year old dogs have lots of energy and they could have dragged me like a sled if they had wanted to. I learned to walk faster than most people run. We hiked mountains and trails and had countless adventures. They loved the snow and the cold in Maine. Storm would sleep on the last patch of melting snow each Spring. My second surprise was that everyone loves a pair of huskies. It was so much fun when people stopped to pet them, commented on how beautiful they were, and told me about their dogs. An artist made a print of them and everyone wanted to take their picture.

Storm and Sky

Storm and Sky were little rock stars!

Huskies age well. They remain beautiful into their golden years and many people were surprised when I told them how old they were. Even at 13, they looked like they were much younger. Of course, they both slowed down as they aged and became frail toward the end. But this is the commitment that we make: to care for them when they are young and strong as well as when they are old and frail. I find that my love for them grew stronger as they need more help. When Sky was no longer able to jump into the car, she would place her front paws on the seat and I would gently lift her haunches into the car. That's trust and teamwork. Old dogs are the best. Although was hard to lose them, I know that their last few years were filled with love, meat and exercise.

What more could they ask?