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Sex: Male/IntactAge: 11 yearsCoat Color: Gray & WhiteEyes: Parti

Andre has been an active racing pet sled dog since we brought him home from Oregon as a 2 year old. He is an athlete, but he lives as any pet would..in and out of the house. He sleeps inside and eats inside and his crate is in our family room along with 12 other dog crates. Many of our dogs are always loose in the house, but Andre is usually in his crate. When not in his crate he is fine. Not destructive. During spring and summer Andre is used to going on long leash walks. Up until his retirement as a sled dog, fall and winter were spent running in harness with his teammates and racing in New England. He has a laid back personality, quiet, except when it is time to go for walks or harness up or time to eat. He is not overly affectionate, but lets you know quietly that he cares for you. He is accustomed to riding in a crate in a car and does so quietly and calmly. He loves a gentle warm touch. He is well behaved at the vets and easy to examine and he LOVES being bathed and groomed. I can't say he has been extensively socialized other than for walks in our neighborhood and to sled with other friends or at races. Other than his irrational worry of my husband and his cautiousness in coming into our house, ( because of all the other dogs) he is ok in new environments and with new people. He is definitely a woman's dog though! He's very quiet except the times I mentioned and loves a Kong with peanut butter or a nice lamb ear or any treat for that matter. He's never had an accident in the house, but never been given the opportunity to have one He knows to do his business when he is let outside either on leash or loose in the back yard. He loves receiving his eye drops as this is our private time and he gets treats. I would say he is an easy mature dog to live with and manage.. He pulls a bit on leash for walking, but not crazily..

Andre is missing his left eye due to glaucoma. As far as the vision in his right eye, his pressure has been excellent with medication and the fact that this eye has not developed glaucoma in five years is an excellent indicator of a healthy eye for the future.

Because of a scary incident where Andre was attacked by some young males, our family is seeking a calm loving steady and comforting environment for Andre.

Andre is currently located in hingham MA.

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